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Temple Bar pub in Dublin City
Cliffs of Moher at Sunset
Thatched Irish cottage by the sea

Bewley's Irish Tea

Bewley's is a much loved, iconic Irish tea brand with a rich history and incomparably good taste. It all began in 1835 when Charles Bewley shipped 2,099 chests of tea directly from China. In daring to be so bold, he signaled the end of the East India Tea Company's monopoly and changed the taste of a nation forever. Bewley's is known for its famous Grafton Street Cafe in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. When you are not globe trotting off to Ireland to enjoy Bewley's fine Irish teas in person, enjoy a hot cuppa tea in the comfort of your own home! Our tea is guaranteed fresh. View our fine selection of both loose and bag teas below.

Barry's Irish Tea

The Barry’s Tea Taster has been blending their teas for nearly 40 years and tastes an average 400 cups of tea a week.  Tea drinking is one of Ireland’s longest and most loved rituals. It helps us open up, helps us freshen up, helps us find the right words. There's nothing that can't be solved over a cup of tea with friends or family, and Barry's has been part of this great tradition since 1901.


A Short History of Irish Tea          How to Drink A Fine Cuppa Tea